Customs Clearance

As a compliance-driven organization, we are positioned to understand and address the intricacies of trade regulations and agreements at the global, regional, national and local levels. SLI draws upon its in-depth Greater China experience, expertise, and connections to help you manage the complexities of international trade and regulatory compliance. Efficiency is achieved by focusing on the three elements of a strong customs process-strict compliance with regulations, reliable release timing, and strong valuable data.

Customs clearance

Our comprehensive line of customs brokerage services includes:

  •     Customs clearance
  •     In-transit declarations
  •     Import and export declaration filing
  •     Brokerage services
  •     Bonded transportation & warehouse
  •     Information system connected to customs authorities
  •     Security filing
  •     Other government agency services (service to ensure the clearance of goods through other government agencies, i.e. Ministry of Health, Department of Agriculture)
  •     Permits and licensing application services
  •     Duty drawback processing
  •     Fiscal representation
  •     Excise duty handling
  •     Reclaim
  •     Post-entry
  •     Free Trade Zones (FTZ) & other Special Economic Zones (SEZ)

Now it is important to keep in mind that incomplete or wrong customs documentation can cause considerable delays in transportation, reducing supply chain and delivery reliability. This can be easily prevented with a good customs compliance process.

Customs compliance

Globalization is growing, and so is the logistics industry. As a consequence, the international trade and compliance landscape is rapidly changing, and global supply chains are facing major challenges. Countries and federations have developed a number of customs programs so as to exercise stronger control on the constantly growing flow of cargo. Here is a number of trends that a well informed shipping/ logistics specialist must know:

  •     Globalization and expansion of international trade: forging partnerships with service providers that have expertise across various geographies.
  •     Increased demand for electronic data sharing: such as advanced shipment notification and sharing of compliance data.
  •     A global trend towards a risk-based approach: requiring traders to share details of their shipments at any given time, such as pre-load, pre-departure and pre-arrival.
  •     Increased awareness of regulations and compliance: now becoming a board level issue and a core focus among international trade companies.
  •     Increased penalties for non-compliance: with an immediate impact on customers’ supply chain and financial bottom line.

It is in this climate that SLI offers you a genuine competitive advantage with its ability to reducing complexity thanks to our experienced customs brokers. We offer you a dedicated customs compliance service, which may help you mitigating risk and secure your business better, through:

  •     Classification expertise
  •     Export compliance
  •     Import compliance
  •     Trade agreement requirements
  •     Free trade agreement qualification

For information on how we can help with your customs and compliance needs, contact your local SLI representative.