At SLI LOGISTICS, we might decide to publish a regular newsletter relative to our industry. This newsletters shall be aimed at you, our customers, and its content to your benefit. Before doing so, we would like to make sure we are clear about what your needs are, and what kind of newsletter you would find of interest. In order to prepare ourselves, we would like to know whether you are interested in:

  •     articles relative to SLI LOGISTICS ?
  •     articles relative to international freight?
  •     articles relative to logistics solutions?
  •     articles relative to E-commerce fulfillment?
  •     articles relative to risk mitigation in the transportation industry?
  •     articles relative to customs duties/ clearance/ compliance
  •     articles relative to tracking & tracing
  •     articles relative to outsourcing
  •     What other subjects are you interested in?

Please contact us and let us know your choices. Strong from your wishes, ideas, and comments, we shall let you know as soon as this newsletter becomes live. Moreover, if you would like to sign up in advance to our first newsletter, you may do so here-under.