Information Technology

Our information technology software solutions are central to all our activities. They are all web-based (in-house servers) and some are cloud-based (global data centers companies). They help us bring you speed, efficiency, reliability, and reduce man-made mistakes. They also help us enforce procedures, control, and optimize time and people management.

ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning)

Our web-based ERP has been specifically developed for the freight forwarding industry. It is central to our international freight activities, and is a resource shared between all our Greater China offices. This helps us enforce compliance to our procedures, control, as well as harmonization within SLI company culture. Any member of our team is immediately operational from any of our offices, and directly with his/ her usual profile from any workstation company-wide.

Our ERP includes various functional modules for air operations, sea operations (FCL & LCL), ground transportation operations (road & rail), commercial management, sales lead management, invoicing, job costing, credit control, accounting, documentation, contract management, routing orders management, workflow management, CFS management, HR management, customs brokerage, links to customs regulators, GPS tracking & tracing, manual tracking & tracing, and more. Advanced supply chain functions are available upon request, such as PO management at factory level.

WMS (Warehouse Management System) - “SLI 360”

Our proprietary “SLI 360” web-based WMS (Warehouse Management System) solution gives you a user-friendly and customized access, so you can constantly monitor in real time the level of your stocks in our warehouses on our mobile app built on iPhone and Android, as well as on any PC, tablet, and laptop. It is being systematically used when we offer you logistics solutions.

Our API allows “SLI 360” to be interfaced with your ERP, when necessary. We also accept manual order processing. Our API also automatically connects with more than 10 courier companies, as well as E-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Amazon, Alibaba (阿里巴巴集团), Taobao (淘宝网), Big Commerce, Lazada, Timo International, Kaola (网易考拉), (京东), (唯品会), (小红书), (拼多多), eBay, and many more.

“SLI 360” was built with E-commerce fulfillment at its core, although it is also conversant with more traditional warehousing operations. It is therefore a more convenient tool than a traditional WMS, when you need E-commerce fulfillment services. For example, every item is also identified by its photo, on top of its reference, ID, barcode, 3D barcode, and SKU, so as to make it more convenient and user-intuitive for you to identify. “SLI 360” also allows smooth O2O operations & fulfillment, as it is a web-based multi-warehouse WMS, where your own shops can become warehouses in the system.

Documents & communication

We use a cloud based MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform), which allows us to reduce our exchanges of emails and documents, henceforth reducing our carbon emissions. It also allows our people to work as a team while located in different offices, as they can work simultaneously on the same documents of any format.

Control Tower - “SLI control tower”

SLI supply chain control tower is SLI proprietary control tower, which is described in details on its own page here.

For more information about SLI information technology solutions, please contact your local SLI representative.