Nowadays the supply chain environment and consequently the consumer and retail industry, are facing different challenges than in the past. Sourcing has become global, distances longer, and the economy more fragile, adding further complexity, and therefore greater risk to your supply chain. Furthermore, the industry is characterized by increasingly demanding and informed consumers. Demanding customers, hyper-competitive markets, multi-channel retailing, increased customization, ever-expanding range of products, sizes, styles, weights, colors and other SKU variations, continually enlarges the inventory of most retailers, which has major implications for logistics.

SLI offers you innovative consumer and retail supply chain solutions in Greater China, allowing you to enter markets faster, seamlessly navigate customs, and deliver your products to end-customers at the right place and time. We understand food, beverage, tobacco, hardware, sports & leisure, entertainment, office supplies, FMCG, white goods, household, appliances, and furniture. Whether you are operating globally, regionally, or locally, and as long as you are involved with Greater China, our consumer and retail team can configure our freight management and contract logistics services in a way that best meets your core business objectives.

Our range of services includes:

  •     International freight
  •     Logistics solutions
  •     Consolidation centers to reduce inventory
  •     Standard picking in ambient, chilled or frozen environments
  •     Piece, inner box, and box picking
  •     Co-packing
  •     Home deliveries
  •     Reverse logistics
  •     E-commerce fulfillment
  •     Quality inspection
  •     Packaging planning
  •     Kitting
  •     Repacking
  •     Relabeling
  •     Consolidation
  •     Deconsolidation
  •     Cross-docking
  •     Reverse logistics
  •     Distribution to retail stores
  •     Origin pre-distribution
  •     Offshore distribution to foreign markets
  •     DC bypass and direct delivery
  •     Pre-retailing activities (labeling, tagging, QC platforms)
  •     Tracking and tracking
  •     Customs clearance
  •     Customs compliance
  •     Risk mitigation

SLI has a significant infrastructure and operational presence in Greater China retail markets, with a portfolio of services that spans everything from supply chain strategy and network design to in-store logistics. We work for a wide variety of retailers, from supermarkets to hypermarkets, from convenience stores to grocery stores, from E-commerce retailers to department stores, from DIY to general merchandise groups, from wholesalers to electrical and furniture retailers, and from recreation retailers to coffee shops. So we offer a host of integrated services that can improve every phase of your supply chain, satisfy your customers and help you optimize your market position. SLI has unmatched Greater China presence to support you across your end-to-end global supply chains, optimizing logistics processes at every stage.

For more information on how we can support your retail logistics and transportation needs, please contact your local SLI representative.