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SLI is a supply chain solutions provider focused on Greater China with a global network. We specialize in international freight, logistics solutions, E-commerce fulfillment, the new silk road, the BELT and ROAD, and offer risk mitigation services as well as trade facilitation services.



SLI has its own offices in Greater China, which includes China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. This allows us to have an intimate knowledge of Greater China logistics flows, customs, infrastructure, and ecosystems. Whichever office you call gives you access to the whole firm. Find the telephone and address details of an office near you through our global office locations. Wherever you are, we look forward to making your acquaintance.

Our network of agents is global, and encompasses all the countries of the world. Each agent is specialized in their own country and territory. Despite being conversant with international standards of communication, they are experts in the local culture, habits, transportation and logistics field, as well as with the local customs offices. They can find the best local solution that serves your global needs.

Each of our agents offers international freight services. Some of our agents offer logistics solutions, and we regularly cooperate with those for regional or global logistics solutions delivered to our long term customers. Please let us know in case you would like to receive an introduction. As far as E-commerce fulfillment is concerned, we cooperate with the strongest partners only, so as to guarantee the best level of service.

In Greater China, we have a privileged relationship with a 500,000 people strong local courier partner, that offers a unique level of services, and a complete range of solutions adapted to those specific markets. When delivering worldwide from Hong Kong, we use a pool of global courier companies, and facilitate for you the selection, arbitrage, and tracking process. You benefit seamlessly from this service directly from our Hong Kong office headquarters.


Who are we?

We believe Greater China is one of the main manufacturing regions of the world. We also believe China is just starting to grow on the international scene, and that the vast potentials of its internal market have only emerged with a lot more opportunities to offer. This is why we base ourselves and choose to focus our resources in Greater China.

Not only is China now the world's largest retail market, but it also leads the world in the E-commerce sector in two ways since 2016. First as the largest E-commerce market, with almost half of the world's E-commerce sales or US$ 900 billion sold to China. Second as the country with the world's largest E-commerce share of retail with 1/3 of China's total retail sales. This is why we specialize in E-commerce fulfillment.

Moreover, China has been launching its global deployment with the Belt and Road initiative, and we have created a desk specialized in facilitating transportation within those countries and trades. Among the 6+1 corridors of the Belt and Road strategy is included the New Silk Road, which we also specialize into. It serves the trade between China and Europe based on railways that allows a transit time of 15 days: faster than sea-freight and cheaper than air-freight.

More is available about who we are, and you may always contact your local SLI representative for more information.

Who to contact at SLI?

Do you have questions about a specific SLI service? Whatever your inquiry, our hotline has an answer for you. Alternatively, we shall help direct you to the appropriate place from where you can obtain an answer. You may enter in contact with us at anytime, depending on the urgency of your request, and your means of communication.

Hotline 24/ 7/ 365

In case of emergency, you may contact our hotline. Our service is operational 24/ 7/ 365 but located in Hong Kong Time Zone (UTC + 08:00). Please be considerate of the time you contact us, when it is about a commercial or operational inquiry, which is not an emergency.

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Commercial & operational issues

When your request is about a specific location, shipment, project, or office, you can contact directly our concerned Greater China office.

General inquiries

If you have other questions, that do not require a call, please email here-under the global SLI team.

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