Food & Beverage

Wine, liquor, beer, juices, oil, flowers, fruits, vegetables, cheese, sausages, fresh meat and fish are precious, fragile, and perishable products. By their nature, they are vulnerable while being transported and stored. Global transportation and warehousing involves a high level of risk, and loss or damage may occur from time to time. This directly impacts the commercial value of the products and your cost of doing business. For example, throughout its transit from vineyard to retailer, wine is at risk from a range of outside influences, such as dirty containers, temperature fluctuations in transit, unforeseen delays in transit resulting from delayed vessel departure, customs clearance, or congestion at the receiving warehouse.

In such an industry, our demanding consumers require a full range of services all year round that ensures optimized management of products all along the dry and cold chains. For wine, we shall endeavor to minimize the risk of heat exposure in case of sea-freight, by loading your containers under the line of flotation of the vessel, and close to vessel closure times. Thanks to our expertise in the industry, SLI offers you specific solutions that make sure your deliveries reach their destination safe and sound. We provide a full range of services to ensure the proper conditions and compliance of food, wine, beverage, and perishables across the supply chain. We do everything we can to protect your shipment, ensuring it arrives at its destination in optimum condition.

Our range of services includes:

  •     International freight
  •     Logistics solutions
  •     Multi-temperature controlled transportation
  •     Multi-temperature controlled warehousing
  •     Prioritized space allocation
  •     Prioritized handling at destination
  •     Standard picking in ambient, chilled or frozen environments
  •     Piece, bottle, case picking
  •     Home deliveries
  •     Reverse logistics
  •     E-commerce fulfillment
  •     Multi-temperature controlled E-commerce fulfillment
  •     Packaging
  •     Repacking
  •     Labeling and relabeling
  •     Consolidation
  •     De-consolidation
  •     Cross-docking
  •     Distribution to wholesalers and retail stores
  •     Offshore distribution to foreign markets
  •     DC bypass and direct delivery
  •     Traceability and tracking & tracking
  •     Customs clearance
  •     Customs compliance
  •     Insurance and risk mitigation

SLI specialized teams in Greater China and all of the key countries globally have developed customized services for food and beverage products. We take care of special packaging and protection for premium wines and beverage. Our services also include secure rack, case/ bottle picking, tracking and tracing, picking services for fruit, vegetable, as well as wholesale logistics based on customers requirements, and delivery of samples or small orders. We are well familiar with the different and very specific Greater China import and export conditions and can handle formalities such as customs documents, certificates, and labeling for you.

Thanks to our people’s broad array of skills and experience and their extensive knowledge of the Greater China market, our dedicated specialists provide “field-to-shelf” services to make sure your shipments arrive in the right place, at the right time, in optimal condition. You will benefit from our high security and safety measures, speed to market, full supply chain visibility, and global regulatory compliance. SLI approach of fresh products is focused with a wide array of Greater China multi-modal transportation and warehousing network. We offer flexible transportation and logistics solutions that safeguard product integrity, extend shelf life, and minimize wastage. We provide a choice of multi-modal transportation depending on urgency and consignment size, including multi-temperature controlled air-freight, sea-freight reefer, road, courier, E-commerce fulfillment, and rail on the New Silk Road.

For more information on how we can support your food and beverage logistics and transportation needs, please contact your local SLI representative.