In today’s constantly evolving manufacturing landscape, the solution to increasing material and labor costs is to source from a different country where the costs are lower. That means a more expensive and complex supply chain and a need for more sophisticated solutions and technology. This enhanced demand variability challenges manufacturers and traders to increasingly streamline their processes in order to remain competitive and drive business growth.

SLI manages the supply chains of a number of international companies operating today in a variety of industry verticals, including trading, industrial, and manufacturing. We provide a range of configured services and solutions that will help align your manufacturing logistics operations with your onshore and offshore business strategies.

Our range of services includes:

  •     International freight
  •     Logistics solutions
  •     Buyers’ consolidations
  •     Consolidation and distribution centers
  •     Delocalized logistics platforms
  •     Greater China global logistics platforms
  •     Door-to-door delivery
  •     Inventory control systems
  •     Pick and pack operations
  •     Material quality control
  •     Reverse logistics programs
  •     Customized delivery scheduling
  •     Supplier coordination
  •     Parts delivery
  •     Return logistics
  •     Configuration transportation management
  •     Industrial projects transportation
  •     Continuous replenishment
  •     In-plant logistics
  •     Sequencing
  •     Sourcing and procurement supply planning
  •     Customs clearance
  •     Customs compliance
  •     Risk mitigation

SLI allows you to focus on your core business: designing, trading, sourcing, buying, selling, engineering, installing, constructing, and manufacturing products the world depends on. Then we ensure these products are delivered to their final destination as securely and efficiently as possible. We provide transportation and logistics services that enable you to make your supply chains leaner and more agile. In return, you will achieve the necessary flexibility to effectively manage the complex supply and demand of your customers. Our team will work with you to provide tailor made solutions to meet your specific supply chain requirements.

For more information on how we can support your trading and manufacturing logistics and transportation needs, please contact your local SLI representative.