SLI is committed to bringing its modest contribution to societal change and promoting environmental sustainability. We are creating long-term value for the communities where we live and work and, ultimately, designing and delivering solutions that contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for both business and the world as a whole.

Environmental regulations

Our logistics sites are subject to licensed authorizations to operate, which are governed by local legislation. This legislation includes more and more rules relative to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. This guarantees both our business and our customers of our respect to those rules, and of our compliance to proper corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Waste management

We have been developing procedures to sort and make the most of wastes generated by our logistics activities: cardboard, plastic film, pallets, paper, printer cartridges, and more.

Combined road-rail transportation

We encourage our clients the use of combined road-rail transportation, such as the New Silk Road or otherwise, where available.

Environmental impact

Transportation activities can be subject to carbon footprint monitoring. Upon request from our customers, we can bring forth solutions to both measure the carbon footprint of any mode of transportation, as well as the offsetting of the same.

Technology choices

Our concern with sustainability leads us to optimize transportation flows, reduce packaging usage, and recycle packaging. In the information technology field, it also makes us prefer cloud based solutions to in-house server based ones, so as to save on carbon footprint.

For more information about SLI, please contact your local SLI representative.