Customs Compliance

At SLI, we customs clear for you. All freight forwarders and customs brokers offer customs clearance. Now we can also go the extra-mile and offer you a one-of-a-kind solution that is not widely available in the industry. That solution helps you prepare the customs clearance process, either for exceptional shipments or regular shipments, and ensures a maximum guarantee of “no surprise” upon customs clearance process.

This customs compliance service is handy for those of you that like to build their supply chain on solid ground. This value-added service is specifically made-to-order upon request, for designated products you ship, and includes:

  •     HS code identification (usually offered by most freight forwarders, without guarantee)
  •     HS code customs regulations in country of origin (complete, and usually not offered by other freight forwarders)
  •     HS code customs regulations in country of destination (complete, and usually not offered by other freight forwarders)
  •     HS code customs regulations update (as often as you need, and usually not offered by other freight forwarders)

HS code identification

The identification of a precise HS code corresponds to a product. In case you have many products, we are happy to create for you a catalogue of HS codes corresponding to your products. Our fees are based on the number of HS codes identified, and we shall quote you based on receiving a copy of your catalogue. Please contact us for more information.

HS code customs regulations

HS code customs regulations gives you the duties & taxes of an HS code, but also all related customs requirements, restrictions, exceptions, formalities, and procedures. They are published upon request in English language, and can be translated in any other language for a supplementary fee. Each HS code customs regulations corresponds to a HS code, a country of origin, and a country of destination. They are made-to-order, and can be published in the format you desire, despite our basic standard is in PDF. These logistics data sheets include the following information:

  •         VAT and other taxes
  •         Useful duties & taxes links
  •         International agreements links
  •         Preferred treatment links
  •         Mutual agreement links
  •         Customs value
  •         Customs procedures
  •         Norms
  •         Customs classification
  •         Customs clearance procedure
  •         Samples handling
  •         HS code(s) with duties
  •         HS code(s) with customs formalities
  •         General requirements
  •         Commercial invoices requirements (if any)
  •         Packing list requirements (if any)
  •         Certificate of origin requirements (if any)
  •         Receiving country annotations translation

Rules, regulations, and duties & taxes are different depending on each country of origin and on each country of destination. Please let us know how many products you have, or their HS code when you know them, from which country(s) they come, and to which country(s) they go in order for us to publish for you the corresponding HS code customs regulations.

HS code customs regulations update

Duties and taxes regularly change in all countries. We typically update HS code customs regulations on a yearly basis. You may sometimes ask us to give you more frequent updates. This is done upon request only. Please let us know how frequently you wish your HS code customs regulations to be updated, when you ask us for them to be created.

For more information on customs compliance and how we can support your customs compliance needs, please contact your local SLI representative.