E-commerce Fulfillment

SLI offers E-commerce businesses a complete suite of E-commerce fulfillment solutions. We serve both startups, SMEs, and large organizations. Our services are dedicated to sustaining the fulfillment of E-commerce retailers, multichannel retailers, omnichannel retailers, as well as to fulfilling brands owners E-commerce distribution channels. We offer both B to B as well as B to C E-commerce services.


EaaS = E-commerce as a Service

Our EaaS services (E-commerce fulfillment as a Service) make your life easy!

  •     Focus on your core business: product and sales
  •     Transform fulfillment fixed costs in variable costs: pay only for what you use
  •     Cloud based & user friendly warehousing solutions & tracking systems
  •     Get low costs for warehousing and drop shipping
  •     Unlimited scalability for your fulfillment needs
  •     Joining fees for EaaS services are currently waived
  •     No contract necessary for start-ups and SMEs

SLI takes care of all fulfillment operations. SLI becomes your E-commerce fulfillment partner and takes care of all the physical movements of your supply chain.  We facilitate your E-commerce business!


E-commerce with SLI can be summarized as follows:

E-commerce fulfillment operations

Those E-commerce fulfillment operations that SLI manages for you typically include 10 steps:

E-commerce fulfillment coverage

We offer you E-commerce fulfillment from our warehouses in Greater China. That includes Hong Kong, China, Macao, and Taiwan. Your suppliers can be located anywhere in the world, and we can take care of the transportation from their location(s) to our warehouses. Your clients can be located anywhere in the world, and we take care of the delivery of your products to them. Various delivery speeds and costs are available.

E-commerce value-added services

We store your products in our warehouses. Stocks are kept in a high security environment and fully insured by an insurance company, as we serve a number of clients with high value products such as electronics and fashion. We also offer many other value-added services for your E-commerce fulfillment operations:

  •     KPI management
  •     Cash on delivery services (COD)
  •     Returns handling in collection points or by pick up
  •     Courier management services
  •     Customs clearance management
  •     Pick & pack services by master carton, inner carton, piece
  •     Kitting of product with documents & marketing material of your choice (kit)
  •     Labeling according to your instructions for special countries, for special products, for special promotion
  •     Receiving services by container, pallet, master carton, inner carton
  •     Warehousing security & insurance
  •     Flexible pricing methodologies available upon request

With our online system you can view your stock levels at any time, and also requests regular reports of your stocks be emailed to you. We reduce the complexities in domestic, regional, and international shipping and support you in offering your customers a holistic online shopping experience.


Our EaaS solution offers you a simple pricing for your E-commerce fulfillment. It is structured clearly, without hidden fees, and gives you the flexibility to evaluate your E-fulfillment costs in advance. It has been designed for a standard E-commerce fulfillment operations. This pricing corresponds to precise terms and conditions, and may be changed at any time with or without notice. Please ask us for details.

Our EaaS solution is ideal for start-ups, SMEs, and E-commerce retailers. On the other hand, it might not fit the needs of larger companies, nor of brands owners E-commerce distribution channels. We are ready to design for you a made-to-order E-commerce solution that fits your needs, and shall then calculate with you the costs corresponding to your specific requirements.

Joining procedure

You may benefit from SLI E-commerce fulfillment services as follows:

  1.     Contact SLI
  2.     Meet with SLI representative
  3.     Clarify all questions of product, procedure, cost, payment, and agreement
  4.     Sign SLI E-commerce fulfillment standard service agreement (no contract necessary for start-ups and small businesses)
  5.     Have your products delivered into SLI warehouses (SLI can take care of the international freight & customs clearance)
  6.     Start selling online
  7.     SLI starts delivering your clients

For more information on how we can support your E-commerce fulfillment needs, please contact your local SLI representative.