Risk Mitigation

Security, also known as risk mitigation, is a critical part of the global supply chain process. Based on your specific supply chain requirements, we help you build a risk mitigation strategy and find customized solutions designed to evaluate, control, reduce, and eliminate risk.

Freight & storage security

SLI works at protecting you from damaged cargo, theft, and security breaches regardless of where goods are being shipped and stored. We take a variety of proactive measures to ensure your cargo’s safety. Comprehensive surveillance, CCTV, padlocks, seals, clamps and alarm systems, SLI controlled tracking & tracing (Global System for Mobile Communications), emergency hotline, second drivers on board, … and more. There are many things we do to protect your cargo throughout its journey & storage.


SLI liability is ruled by the “limited liability clause” in our General Terms and Conditions. However, in the event of a loss or damage when you are shipping or storing cargo, these limitations are often not representative of the actual value of the goods. Under limited liability, damaged or lost cargo is assessed by weight, not value. So in all likelihood, your compensation could be dramatically less than the commercial value of the goods. To compensate for this challenge, SLI can facilitate cargo insurance, claims, and security.


Complementing our international freight and logistics services SLI can, upon request, arrange your freight/ cargo insurance. It is important to note that SLI is not an insurance broker, but only a facilitator to your taking a necessary insurance. For a competitive premium, we shall help you cover your freight/ cargo against loss or damage from any external cause. This gives you financial protection against most risks of physical loss or damage due to external causes. Thus, when you utilize a freight & storage insurance set-up by SLI, you can significantly reduce the financial impact associated with these unfortunate events. Insurance helps you mitigate such risks.

Customs compliance

In addition to arranging shipment insurance, we help you mitigate risk during customs clearance process. Indeed cargo being stuck during a challenging customs clearance process is a security breach. It is also a well known factor that dramatically increases theft exposure. This risk can be mitigated by proper customs compliance, that SLI makes available to you.

Regulatory initiatives

SLI supports the various international and national mandatory security regulations and initiatives, as well as both public and corporate partnership programs.

For more information on how we can help you mitigate your supply chain risks and make it more secure, please contact your local SLI representative.