Trade Compliance

Trade compliance is the process by which goods enter a country in conformance with all local laws and regulations. Within the framework of the current "trade war" between the USA and China, it is about watching which products are impacted by the successive waves of increases of import duties.

Waves succeed to one another and happen both in the USA and in China. You certainly do want to know whether the products you import from the USA to China, or from China to the USA have been impacted. That would mean that their import duties have been raised. When the raise is significant, you are then faced with a choice to make:

  1. Take the hit and decrease your margin, and be a victim of volatile geo-politics.

  2. Reconsider your supply chain and change your suppliers' location, in order to keep your import duties stables.

We offer you the service to keep you informed on the list of products (HS codes) that are impacted on either side of the trade USA/ China and China/ USA:

  1. When we handle your cargo on this trade, or

  2. When you ask us to watch your products (HS codes) for you.

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