Logistics Solutions

The increasingly volatile and consumer sensitive chains of supply and demand are not only impacting prices, they are stimulating today’s logistics providers to be more responsive, agile and creative in their supply chain solutions. At SLI, we create more value for your supply chains through our Greater China on-site knowledge and expertise as well as our global network.

SLI brings, stores, and delivers goods with inventory management solutions and full supply chain visibility. From basic logistics services all the way through to further added-value services including customs clearance, purchase order, supplier and warehouse management, we devise solutions customized to your exact needs and requirements with a Greater China focus.

We are your contract logistics partners of choice for logistics outsourcing and the management of complex supply chains. Our integrated services include all aspects of logistics planning, control, and execution. From point of origin to consumption, we design solutions that turn your logistics operations from a challenge into a substantial competitive advantage.

Logistics solutions

SLI provides a range of value added services within our Greater China warehouses to help you reduce costs and inventories, increase efficiency, and improve customer service. We support your entire value chain with integrated supply chain logistics solutions, from supplier to customer delivery, from reverse logistics to last mile delivery. Our logistic solutions include:

  •     Inbound services
  •     Warehousing services
  •     Distribution services
  •     E-commerce fulfillment services

Our logistics experts have in-depth industry-specific experience. We listen carefully to your logistics challenges and conduct a thorough analysis of your business needs. Then we design and build an optimal solution customized to your cost and service requirements.

Inbound services

Our inbound logistics services cover all activities required to bring cargo from an original port of loading, a factory, a supplier, to a warehouse, a logistics platform, or even a production plant. Those services include all the necessary management of your goods once they have arrived on-site. Our range of inbound logistics services includes:

Warehousing services

We offer all warehousing services that you may require inside our warehousing facilities. These include receiving, inspection, re-packing, put-away, storage, picking, kitting, and/ or more value-added service activities. In addition to traditional distribution center management, we provide a full range of programs to suit your specialized needs, including origin distribution, vendor managed inventory, order fulfillment and returns programs. Our warehousing services cover:

  •     Materials management
  •     Pick and pack, kitting, labeling
  •     Pre-delivery inspection and testing
  •     Display build and setup
  •     Specialty packaging/ repacking
  •     Clamshell, blister pack, other packaging
  •     Garment on Hanger (GOH)
  •     Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  •     Returns processing/ management
  •     Warehouse management system (WMS)
  •     Multi-client warehousing (volume based charge)
  •     Dedicated warehousing (space based charge)
  •     Cross-docking
  •     E-commerce fulfillment (item level)
  •     Warehousing handling-in
  •     Warehousing handling-out
  •     Risk mitigation

While we can dedicate a specific warehouse or warehousing space to your needs, we also offer you the possibility of multi-clients warehousing. The net effect is lower overall cost and increased flexibility. Our multi-clients warehousing services allow you to focus on your core business while we manage the flow of materials for you, as well as other clients, in a single facility. In this configuration, the costs of space, labor and equipment are shared. You benefit by only paying for the amount of space, labor and equipment you use, with access to additional resources as your business requirements fluctuate.

We also provide professional contract logistics services for supply chains that extend beyond the standard receiving, storing and shipping of products. Our value-added services add efficiencies and cost savings, meaning direct value to your supply chain.

Distribution services (outbound)

Our distribution capabilities offer best-in-class inventory management and order fulfillment that allow for seamless global logistics solutions and complete supply chain management. We offer you:

  •     Urgent deliveries
  •     Normal deliveries
  •     Scheduled deliveries
  •     Order consolidation
  •     Proof of delivery (POD)
  •     Piece/ SKU level visibility
  •     KPI reporting
  •     E-commerce fulfillment (domestic, regional, global)
  •     Reverse logistics
  •     Track & trace, reporting, monitoring
  •     Customer service
  •     Customs clearance
  •     Transportation (domestic, international, multi-modal)
  •     Risk mitigation
  •     Other value-added services

E-commerce FULFILLMENT services

The E-commerce fulfillment services we offer you are described in the page E-commerce fulfillment where you may see them.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of Greater China, our comprehensive expertise in offering value-added logistics services, our strong local teams, and our extensive experience, we can provide you with the perfect balance between price and performance. SLI is a reliable long-term Greater China partner for customised logistics solutions for your complete supply chain and for defined areas of your logistics. By understanding your issues and anticipating your business and logistics needs, our logistics experts provide robust solutions that will drive value for your business. We are passionate about delivering you the excellent logistics services you expect.

For more information on how we can support your logistics needs, please contact your local SLI representative.