SLI is committed to strengthen its position as a leading supply chain solutions provider focused on Greater China with a global network. It specializes in international freight, logistics solutions, E-commerce fulfillment, Belt and Road, New Silk Road, and trade finance. This does not come easily. We consider the world of logistics and freight forwarding as a people’s business (people’s intensive industry). You are constantly in contact with our people via email, telephone, Skype, fax, SMS, and taken care by them when you visit us in Greater China. So SLI is only as good as our people are!

Having acknowledged that fact, SLI is constantly training and upgrading its teams to the highest standards in the logistics and transportation industry. We deploy our training programs in the following directions:

  •     Tiers one international standards of customer service, international communication, and sales capabilities
  •     Tiers one international standards of freight forwarding and logistics operational and commercial expertise
  •     In-depth Greater China geographical, cultural, and logistics practical knowledge
  •     Avant-garde and creative expertise in Greater China E-commerce
  •     Avant-garde and creative expertise in risk mitigation, customs compliance, and tracking and tracing solutions

We welcome new team members, when they are dedicated, passionate, and ready for the SLI adventure. You may be a young graduate from any academic institution in the world, and you speak English. Come work with us, and you shall learn both Chinese and logistics! You may be an experienced practitioner in the freight forwarding and logistics sector. Please let us know your interest in our organization, and we shall be delighted to meet with you to discuss further.